Stucco has long been considered a desirable construction material, and its popularity in this area has been growing over the past several decades. Traditionally made of aggregates, stucco is applied wet and hardens to create a durable, attractive wall covering that’s fire and weather resistant, and generally low maintenance. It can be smooth, textured, or even used for sculptural effects. But however you like your stucco, you’ll love the array of products and tools we carry.

Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS) is a modern method designed to clad existing buildings using a composite material that integrates insulating and water-resistant barriers with a finished surface. If your project calls for EIFS, check out our full array of code-compliant materials, adhesives, tools and accessories for installation.

Stucco Products

  • La Habra Finish Line
  • Metal Lath & Trim
  • Synergy Products
  • Western One Coat
  • Foam
  • Spec Mix
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Stucco Tools

  • Plaster Trowel
  • Magnesium Darby
  • Magnesium Feather Edge
  • Scarifier
  • Hawk
  • Float
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